Honour Board


For services rendered to the MDHA, provision has been made for Life Memberships to be awarded to those whom it is considered should be so honoured.  Over the last 76 years only twenty two of these highly esteemed honours have been presented. 

Awardees for Life Members are:

P D Christensen 1937                     Mrs T Kann 1987
J R Sheppard 1948   Mr R Heselwood 1989
R E Taylor 1956   Mr D Binnington 1990
J F Hurley 1968   Mr B Warren 1991
T J Black 1970   Mrs J Heselwood 1992
A V Nowitzke 1970   Mrs J Hurley 1996
J J Kersnovske 1970   Mrs K Rogers 2006
J H Gregg 1977   Mr J Wroe  2011
G W Sheldon 1978   Mr K Savage 2013
Mrs L Christensen 1979   Mrs M Wroe 2014
Mrs R Baker  1980   Mr H Logan 2016
Mrs T Black 1987      



In 1978 the MDHA introduced a Service Award for presentation to members of the Association who have been considered worthy of the receipt of such an Award.

Awardees of the Service Awards are: 

Mrs T Black 1978                     Mrs E Hilliard 2000
Mrs W Cooper 1978   Mr J Wroe 2002
Mrs T Kann 1980     Mr I Dove 2002
Mr B Warren 1981   Mrs K Rogers 2006
Mr R Heselwood 1982   Mr H Logan 2007
Mrs R Heselwood 1982   Mr K Savage 2007
Mr D Binnington 1982   Mrs C Hynes 2011
Mrs J Hurley 1987   Mr A Birt 2014
Miss C Kann 1992   Mrs L Tucker 2016
Mrs D Brown 1977      
Mrs E Chaman 1998