Policies & Documents

Policies & Documents

MDHA By Laws 2023

Fraser Coast League Rules 2023

Premier League Rules 2023

MDHA Constitution 

Codes of Behaviour

HA 2019 Member Protection Policy

Breach and Sanctions Policy

Hockey Australia Integrity Link

MDHA Life Membership Policy

HA Members Protection Policy

HQ Blue Card WWCC Policy

HQ Integrity Policy

WADA Prohibited List 2020

All Associations and Clubs are committed to operating within these policies.  It is very important all organisations and our network of RCD’s/DO’s coaches are familiar with these policies to help share the information with members, volunteers and supporters. These policies are now available on the HQ website via the following link:  


The rulebooks are generally updated every two years so it’s worth checking you have the latest version.
Click here for the latest rules for both Outdoor and Indoor Hockey

FIH Website

FIH Rules of Hockey

FIH Rules of Indoor Hockey

Download on Apple Store http://appstore.com/rulesofhockey

Download on Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ch.fih.rulesofhockey

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