2024 Registration Process

  Please read the important info below before completing your registration.

  The link to the Registration Portal is at the bottom of this page.

Players will be able to pay the full fee for the season at time of Registration or choose to use a payment plan over 3 installments. All fees have been set by the MDHA and include HA, HQ and MDHA (both Outdoor and Indoor), so regardless of which club you play for, fees have been standardised. Clubs are at liberty to charge a club fee in addition to fees outlined below, so check with your club in this regard.

Full Fees

Standard fees have been set for each division. The maximum payment that a senior player will pay is $595. There will be no "Additional Annual Fees" for Seniors playing multiple divisions (see table below):

Payment Plans

If opting to use the Payment Plans, your first payment will include compulsory HA and HQ Fees, along with a part MDHA Fee. This payment is required before you are able to play.

You will then be invoiced for 2 further equal installments on 1 May and 1 June. Invoices are payable within 14 days of issue. Failure to make the required payment by the due date will result in the player being unable to play. Refer to the table above for the breakdown of fees and below shows the payment plans for each division. Additional Fees apply to players who play for more than 5 games in another division (not applicable to Senior playing multiple divisions) and  will be charged in July. 

Additional Fees

With the exception of Seniors playing multiple Divisions, these will be a "one-off" charge that will be invoiced if a player plays a minimum of 5 games (or more) in division(s) other than their own. The number of additional games played will be reviewed from July till the end of the season. Invoices will be sent once players have reached at least 5 additional games.

  Click on this link for details on how to use your Fair Play Voucher:

Fair Play Vouchers

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Double or Dual Register

  Click on this link for an explanation of Membership Categories for 2023:

Membership Cagtegories


  • All fees are GST inclusive
  • Revolutionise fee ($1) & Pin Payment fees  (2%+$0.60) are added at checkout.

  How to Register

Players are required to register with the club of their choice, by clicking on the Registration Portal Link below, then selecting the club logo required.

The only registration types available from the MDHA portal (no club affiliation required) include:

  • 2024 Tomahawks (Full Fee)
  • 2024 Tomahawks (Payment Plan)
  • 2024 Social Member - No Fee
  • Non playing Official/Umpire/Coach/Volunteer - No Fee

"RETURNING MEMBER" (returning players/members from 2020 to 2023)

"NEW MEMBER" (new players/members who have not played since 2019)

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Registration Portal


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