Tomahawk Program

Interested in hockey?  Come and have a go …

Dates for Come and Try - 5pm on Friday 23/2/24 and Friday 1/3/24

Tomahawk Program - starts Saturday 9 March 2024 at 8.15am.

Come to the Maryborough Hockey fields  and have a go.  See if you like it.  We will have hockey sticks available for new players to borrow.  You don’t have to decide till the start of Term 2, so you get 3 weeks for free.  So why not give it a go!

Read on for all the details …


The "Tomahawk" program gives young boys and girls aged 4 – 9 years old, the opportunity to learn the basic skills of hockey, develop fundamental motor skills and make friends. The program is open to all new and existing players.  The program is also open to boys and girls over 9 years who would like to be involved and who have not played hockey before, just ask on the day.

The Program:

Under the guidance of qualified coaches and mentors and with a focus on safety as a key part of our game, each week the Tomahawk Program will include:

  • Level 1 - Basic hockey skills and fun modified games
  • Level 2 - Harder skills and more modified games
  • Level 3 - Game play based skills and small team games
  • Level 4 - Basics of positioning and game play with small team games and on-field coaches

The kids will progress through the levels as they improve. 


When and where:

The Tomahawk Program dates for 2024 have been set.

Starting 9 March 2024 the sessions will be held from 8.15am to 9.15am at the Hockey Fields in Woodstock Street Maryborough each Saturday.  All sessions during the course of the program will be on Saturday mornings at the same time.  The area will be clearly marked with flags and there will be an “Admin Tent” where you can sign in, ask questions and complete registrations.

  • Round 1 –  Free “Come and Try”
  • Round 2 – Aligns with School Term 2
  • Round 3 – Aligns with School Term 3

As this program is competency based (not age based), it doesn’t matter if they haven’t played before or have missed a couple of weeks.  They will be placed in the level most appropriate for their skills.

Presentation and Break-up will be held on 7th September 2024:

After the completion of Round 3 (outdoor season), we will host a Free break-up for the kids which will include fun games, free sausage sizzle, presentations and much more.


As part of the program, each player will receive a Tomahawk Uniform Shirt and Hockey Socks. Players are requested to wear black shorts/skirt/bike pants with their uniform shirt.

2024 Tomahawk Program Costs:

Fee for the full season is only $180.
(The first three weeks are Free "Come and Try" days for those who are not sure - so payment is not required till the start of Round 2.)

Included in the cost:

  • Hockey Queensland, Hockey Australia and MDHA Registrations
  • Tomahawk Uniform Shirt and
  • Hockey Socks


  Every brand new player will receive a kit (stick, ball, shin pads)
You can pay the fee in one payment or

     choose to pay in installments

  Fair Play Vouchers can be used to pay the fee.  Present your voucher and you will receive a Discount Code.

 Indoor Hockey:

It is planned to include a fourth round after the outdoor hockey season to give the kids the opportunity to have a go at Indoor Hockey.  The program will be similar and run by fully qualified coaches and mentors.  Indoor Hockey is a great game and the program will be an excellent introduction to this form of our game.  (No additional costs for Indoor.

Indoor Hockey is great fun and the program will be an excellent introduction to this form of our game.) 



To register for the Tomahawk program, Click the Registration link below:

Tomahawk Registration Link

Fair Play Vouchers can be used for this program:

Don’t forget you can also apply for a Fair Play Voucher to assist with costs.  Here’s the link:

Fair Play Vouchers - find out more



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